Flower Essences exists within Western Herbal Medicine, which in a more broader term falls under the category of Complimentary Medicine and Integrative Medicine. Complementary Medicine is medicine that exists outside of the main stream healthcare system and Integrative Medicine combines both healthcare and complementary together to treat the person as a whole. It is important to note, as Rose Flower Essence can be used along side health care medicine, however, it is always important to consult your doctor (if you have one) first.

Rose Flower Essence is the  imprint of roses harvested and placed in pure spring water at the height of their bloom. The rose petals are infused by floating them in water underneath the sun’s rays, the water then carries the vibrational energy of the rose. This infusion is then preserved with alcohol or apple cider vinegar and diluted into stock bottles to be taken as drops under the tongue.

As water holds the imprint of memory, intention and flower or plant, this water provides a healing effect within our body.  Scientists such as Masaru Emoto have now been able to confirm this to be true.

The Philosophy Behind Flower Essences

In Western Herbal Medicine it is known that a flower or plant holds a different energy that can be used to influence or shift deep patterns in our physical and emotional state. Flower Essences help us to release emotional programs and bring down blockages that prevent us from seeing, understanding and connecting to our heart and in our connection to God. The Philosophy behind Flower Essences is that specific flower’s and plants helps us to release emotional programs that prevent us from connecting to the heart of who we are.

The Philosophy Behind Rose Flower Essences

The Healing Property of the Rose, “rosa” is “Love” which primarily supports our heart and Thymus. Our heart is the first organ that forms when we are in our mother’s womb, it is the centre point to which we access our intuition and feeling before it moves to the brain into a thought. Our thymus is known to flutter when we feel excitement or nervousness. 

The Rose connects us to our hearts to feel emotions of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Peace, Self Worth and Forgiveness while melting away the prickly-ness or thorns around our heart space that may have formed through Loss, Grief, Pain and Heartbreak. Rose Flower Essence allows for deep nurture and gentleness to offer a safe space to lovingly release these feelings around our heart which keep us from forming true connections with ourselves, other’s and God.

Rose Flower Essences in Practice

Disconnection from our hearts can create energetic and emotional imbalances that cause us to close down and live from a place of fear and not love. When we live a life of fear we are more prone to experiencing toxic relationships, disconnection from God and what brings us joy, making poor choices and find ourselves in situations that cause more emotional harm then good.

Rose Flower Essence works very subtly and gently, so the effects might take some time, although those who are very sensitive can sometimes feel an immediate shift in their heart space. When I first begun working with Rose Flower Essence, I would often express tears and feelings of sadness as these were emotions I stored in my heart from experiencing heartbreak and grief. Once, my tears were felt, I was more receptive to feel rushes of bliss and exuberant feelings of joy and happiness. Rose Flower Essence takes time, however, the more diligently you devote to working with her, the more you will receive.  As a rose takes time to grow from the seeds in the soil so do we.

With time you will discover how Rose Flower Essence has supported your heart to feel more open and receptive to life while teaching you to honour yourself to be fierce and sharp like a rose’s thorns. Using Rose Flower Essence is deeply nurturing, comforting and loving. It is common to experience deeper connection with yourself and in your relationships and friendships.

The Rose also gently strengthens our intuition to know when it is time to start or continue working with the Rose. If you love the scent of rose or appreciate a Rose’s beauty it is often a good indication that you might benefit from Rose Flower Essence.

All of our Rose Flower Essences are Dosage Bottles

It is recommended to take 7 drops under the tongue, once a day for 2 weeks, however, if you find the dosage too strong, reduce your take to 4 drops a day. As you continue to use the Rose as medicine, you will feel deeply connected to your intuition and heart and will know the length of time you are being asked to work with the rose. This is in fact, The Rose’s greatest medicine.

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