The cost of the retreat all inclusive is 1,333 pounds sterling.

To book your place we require a 60% deposit of 799 Pounds Sterling Then 534 to be paid on arrival.

Deposits made before the end of January will receive an eBook by Kris on the alchemy of the rose.

*Deposits are non refundable.

“All of nature with its forms and creatures exist together and are interwoven with each other. They will be resolved back, however, to their own proper origin, for the compositions of matter return to the original roots of their nature. Those who have ears, let them hear this.”

– The Gospel of Mary Magdalene

Fun Facts About us and how this retreat came to be…..

We met in November 2019 and very quickly recognised that both our names mean “carrier of Christ” and our combined mayan astrology represents heaven on earth. We are both turning 33 this year which was the age when Christ was resurrected.

While Kirsty has been using The Medicine of the Rose as as a form of Heart Opening & Healing as well as connecting deeply to Mary Magdalene & Mother Mary, Kris has been studying the Rose Line for the past 9 years to uncover the truth of the great master’s who walked this land before him, together, we feel our alchemy creates a powerful essence of love. Call it fate or divine timing, we are humbly being guided to welcome you into a space of pure love, the love that transcends ego, appearance, belongings – this love is infinite, whole & pure. We wish to ensure that you know we are both humble students to this life and we are simply being guided to bring us all together in a container of love.

How this time will unveil is uncertain, all we know is that it will be profoundly beautiful. We know the hearts & souls who feel guided to join will feel it wholeheartedly. We are aware of the sacredness and energy investment into this time and therefore have chosen to not publicly share this retreat, we hope you can honour this request. 

We feel so humble to be conduits of this retreat and to be welcoming you to these sacred lands.

Kirsty & Kris

Kirsty is a Heart Intuitive, Kundalini Yoga & Breathwork Teacher, Ceremonialist & Conduit of the Rose.
Kirsty is dedicated to connecting you back to the wisdom of your own heart so you may receive more love. Kirsty share’s with you powerful Self Care and Self Love Practices to boost your resilience to live in this world free from anxiety, challenging feelings, low self esteem & core self limiting beliefs. Kirsty is an initiate of the Rose Teachings and has dedicated her path to sharing the queen of all flowers – the rose with other’s so they too can remember how (w)holy they are.

“I am blessed to have Kirsty as my High Priestess. For me, Kirsty embodies the love, light and beauty of the divine feminine. Infinite softness, mystic wisdom, vulnerability, beautiful intense emotions and powerful intuitive knowing. In her presence, both men and women are reminded of the feminine we lost but which is now returning in a new resplendent way.”
~Oliver, CEO of Energise You.

Kris is the founder of Eden Trails which offer’s private walking tours in Scotland’s Capital Edinburgh and seven miles South in Roslin. Kris has a wellspring of ancient wisdom and those who attend his retreats often walk away feeling as though it was more of a transmission then a tour.

Kris has a heart of gold and a deep love for the land he was born on – Scotland, which can be felt in the way he passionately speaks about this land. Be prepared to discover a history hidden in folklore, myth and symbolism, and be taken on an adventure into Scotland’s mysterious past.

“Kris beautifully weaves facts with myths and makes a tour much more meaningful this way. He is a “stream of knowledge,” and no question is too much or too far-strung for him. From Ancient Egypt to India, Norse Mythology to Christianity, and many more, he makes stories, religions, and civilizations come alive and explains how they are interwoven with much clarity and great story-telling skills. We can’t wait to tour more of Scotland with him soon!” – Beate

How to book your place?

We would love to share a chat with you prior to receiving your booking to ensure it is aligned for your heart and all the other heart’s joining us on this retreat.

1. Please email us to organise a time to chat.
2. Chat will be via zoom (please ensure to have zoom on your phone)
3. Once we have shared a chat and we all feel aligned, we will send you an invoice to pay
4. Once payment is received we will send you your eBook and your place is reserved!

Note, 8 Spots are available and we currently have 6 Spots left!

Humble Praise

“Kirsty your sacred ceremony and breathwork session was divine and I literally felt like I was in the arms, breast, belly, and heart of the Goddess. Your elegance and openness was so electrifying for everyone involved”.
– Kelly

“I went on a guided tour of Rosslyn Chapel with Kris and it was fantastic. The depth of the journey he took me on over just a few hours was truly magical and will stay with me. A very powerful way to connect with the land of Rosslyn and Scotland and the mysteries beyond. It is more than a tour… it is a transmission. His historical, esoteric, and mystical knowledge is a gift to receive. Consider yourself lucky if you discover him and Eden Tours!” Elizabeth

“If you want to really experience the magic of the Glen and the chapel Kris is your man. His vast knowledge of the history, folklore and mysticism of Roslin is truly inspiring as he transports you to ancient times through his storytelling bringing it all to life in the now by actually being there, gifting you an enriched experience. I learnt so much more in those hours spent on Kris’ tour than I would ever have by reading numerous books on the subject. Highly recommended” – Nikki

“Kirsty Is A Spiritual, Mental &  Physical Surgeon!”

~ Emma,

“I had the most incredible experience in Kirsty’s breath of bliss workshop. My heart was cracked wide open and I experienced a deep and beautiful bliss. It takes a special facilitator to be able to hold the space for such a deep exploration into ourselves and Kirsty takes on this role with open hearted strength and gentleness. I am very grateful for Kirsty, the breath of bliss and the beautiful experience I had” – Kellie

Garden of Eden awaits you……