Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and inspired by women walking a similar path to you.

Rose Academy is a growing community for you to find your voice, celebrate your wins and discuss topics that might not feel safe for you to talk about with family and friends.

Rose Academy is a virtual Holistic Learning & Healing Journey for the fierce and soft hearts who have a soul, mind and body resonance with the queen of all flowers, The Rose.

Rose Academy is a place for women like you who are walking a path of spiritual growth, transformation and integrity to come together once a month in ceremony to fill up your energy so you can be the best mother, partner, lover and most importantly friend to yourself.

This spiritual journey can often feel lonely and exhausting if you don’t have someone to speak too who understands what you are experiencing or how you are feeling.

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Each month you will receive:

Together each month we will discuss a Rose Academy theme.




It takes a special facilitator to be able to hold the space for such a deep exploration into ourselves and Kirsty takes on this role with open hearted strength and gentleness - ElyshaKirsty has the most gorgeous, generous, caring heart and her soul is so bright. She has helped guide me on my awakened journey and I am forever grateful and blessed our paths have crossed. Her knowledge in the spiritual realm is breathtaking and to have someone who you can openly chat too about what you are going through is so heart warming - Teresa

The love and thought that Kirsty puts into each ceremony was so evident, and what really struck me was her constant state of presence and grace. I felt that she really heard me every step of the way, and gently encouraged me by reflecting back to me and guiding me in her highly sensitive and intuitive way - Liz


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January Friday 21st 9am AEDT

February Friday 18th 9am AEDT

March Friday 18th 9am AEDT

April Friday 15th  9am AEDT

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  • One Live 2 hour ceremony Recorded via zoom
  • The opportunity to ask Kirsty for Intuitive Guidance & Prayer
  • 5% discount off courses and 10% off Rose Flower Essence.
  • One Book Recommendation 
  • Access to a members only Telegram Group to stay connected to other women throughout the month (Value: Priceless)
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Kirsty has been facilitating, hosting and supporting women for 7+ years through 1:1 Mentorships, Group Memberships and Ceremonies.

As a woman who grew up as an atheist, overcame alcohol addiction, unworthiness and grief, Kirsty is aware of the importance of having a supportive, healthy and safe community to be with during times of hardship to remind and invite you into the power of prayer and faith.
With a Diploma in Health & Science, Kirsty is passionate about Integrative Health, Herbalism and Chinese Medicine. Kirsty is also a seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Oracle of the Rose & Ceremonialist.

And in a less professional version, Kirsty lives in a country cottage in Regional Victoria where she is surrounded by rolling mountains and fresh spring water, far from where she has come from! It is from this home, Kirsty is supported by the elements of nature to strengthen her unwavering faith, intuitive gifts, resilience and transformational guide for you during a time of great change on the planet!

You can read more about Kirsty HERE..

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