Rose Academy

About Kirsty

Kirsty has been hosting Rose ceremonies since 2014. Her combination of Rose Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom and Leadership Training has resulted in Kirsty being recognised as a Divine Feminine Leader in the field of consciousness and holistic medicine. As a natural born psychic and medical intuitive, Kirsty is here to remind humanity that connecting back to the Earth is the way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Kirsty frequently travels the Rose ley line through France, Glastonbury and Scotland to deepen her connection to these ancient rose mystery school teachings. Kirsty warmly invites you to connect with the rose to see how the rose will unfurl for you.

Who is the “Medicine of the Rose & Holy Thorn” ceremonies for?
These ceremonies are for those who have a love and admiration for Roses and flowers. You may be moving through heartbreak, grief, loss, sadness and you have recently discovered the uncanny feeling of the rose following you wherever you go. You are ready to explore alternative and holistic ways into healing your heart. You may be at the beginning of your spiritual journey and have noticed roses appearing into your life and/or you may have been on the spiritual journey for some time and is ready to remember the ancient mystery school teachings of the rose.