Rose Academy


Your sacred online space to feel nourished, supported and inspired by women walking a spiritual and faith filled path just like you.

Rose Academy is a growing community for you to find your voice, celebrate your wins and discuss topics that might not feel safe for you to talk with family and friends.

What is Rose Academy?

Hi Beauty,

Rose Academy is a virtual Holistic Learning & Healing Journey for the fierce and soft hearts who have a soul, mind and body resonance with the queen of all flowers, The Rose.

The the rose vibrates between 328hz – 528hz which is the highest frequency of love. In western culture, the rose is given to another on valentines day as a gesture of love and union. However, the true symbolism of the Rose is to find the inner union within your own rose heart so you can access infinite wisdom and your direct connection and relationship with god.

This is why I have created Rose Academy.

Rose Academy is a place for women like you who are walking a path of spiritual growth, transformation and integrity to come together once a month in ceremony to fill up your energy so you can be the best mother, partner, lover and most importantly friend to yourself.

This spiritual journey can often feel lonely and exhausting if you don’t have someone to speak too who understands what you are experiencing or how you are feeling.