In a recent Heart Intuitive Reading with a beautiful woman in her early 30’s, I was guided to share and emphasise how the Red Rose Mysteries would benefit in balancing her emotions & hormones as well as feeling more connected and grounded to the Earth.

I believe what was shared in this session can benefit you too, as my wish is for all of us to be able to participate in life as opposed to feeling disconnected from it.

If you have ever felt not safe to be truly you, then I hope this blog will support you.

As women, our hormones can affect not only how we live but how we perceive the world around us, and usually, when our hormones are up and down we don’t feel connected to ourselves let alone the earth. When we feel disconnected, we ultimately do not feel safe in our bodies.

So, why do at times we feel disconnected? I believe one of the main reasons is not having a healthy relationship with our womb & menstruation. This is why I have created my Red Rose Menstrual Cycle Chart which can support women to connect to their cyclical nature.

The Red Rose is a muse for creativity, love & profound beauty.

I am sure, at some point in your life you have either been gifted a red rose or you have purchased a bunch of roses for yourself, and if the answer is no, then this a sign for you to go and get yourself some – like, right now!

I invite you now to take a moment to reflect how roses make you feel…..

Roses, never seem to disappoint anyone, and traditionally, it is because they are known as a gesture of love, and who doesn’t want to feel love?

Let me begin with some fun ancient facts, in Eastern spiritual traditions, it said that we have seven primary energy centre’s that exist within our human & energetic body. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine which is known as the root chakra, this chakra is aligned with the element of Earth. This chakra identifies with how rooted & grounded we feel to the earth, i.e. Security, Safety, Basic needs (food, sleep, home) & also how we are perceived through our physical identity.

To me, the root chakra is the most important chakra for us to keep balanced, when this chakra is out of balance so are we and all our other chakra’s.

The Red Rose Mysteries represent Menstruation (Womb) & Love (Heart) which is located close to the root chakra.


Our Menstruation is the primary source of how we as women re create each month. We shed the old every time we bleed, so we can claim the new in our next month. Our relationship with our menstruation is a direct reflection on how we perceive the world. If we feel deeply connected to our menstruation each month, i.e. if we can appreciate & adore our menstruation, surely we can appreciate life a little more? If we don’t appreciate our menstruation and feel deeply disconnected from it, perhaps this can be linked to feelings of disconnection, dis-ease, and dis comfort.


A little personal journey from me….

Rewind, to when I was a young adolescent and I received my first bleed standing in the shower, I recall reaching to a packet of supermarket pads from underneath the bathroom sink. I was so excited to have received my bleed! From that day forward, I never questioned whether to wear tampons or not as I could never comprehend why I would keep the blood inside my womb when it had a desire to come out. There was something so familiar about allowing my blood to come out as opposed to keeping it in my womb with a tampon, of course, during my high school years I was certainly in the minority of being a pad user. For those of you who are pad user’s, I am sure you can relate?

As women, we are all naturally & highly intuitive to our core, we all know what is best for us, so please take what I share through your individual lens, feel into what is right for you and by no means am I suggesting what is shared here as being right or wrong, I am simply sharing from the guidance I have received from myself & the feminine mentors I connect with, Mary Magdalene & ISIS.


For the past seven years I have been collecting my menstruation through natural fibre material. I swapped my non biodegradable pads for natural fibre material that can be re used & re washed each month. I have 3-4 different size material that I alternate between depending on how heavy or light my bleed is. I suggest this to women I work with because not only does it connect you back to the Earth (keep reading) it is also sustainable for the Earth, meaning, the natural fibres can be re wearable and last up to 6 cycles even more. Pads & Tampons unfortunately can not be reused, they are thrown out and placed in a bin which is symbolic in it self. They also are not biodegradable.

Our bleed is sacred elixir and does not belong in a bin, in fact, to connect us back to the earth it is really lovely to return our blood to the Earth with intention.

The natural fibre cloth can be washed, I like to do this, either in a bucket and clean water so I can then wash my plants with the blood or I take the cloth into the shower with me. Perhaps, you can say, I use my blood as soap. I understand this might be a little out their for some, but try to keep an open mind. Water is our greatest cleanser and purifier, it also keeps us hydrated, so by washing the cloth and washing your body with your own blood that comes from within your body, on an energetic level, you are creating a deeper bond with your womb & therefore your menstruation.

I have witnessed many women transform purely through this ritual. I have also witnessed many women (myself included) reduce period cramps, PMS, migraines etc. What may also happen is your period may begin to feel lighter and shorter.

In shamanic traditions it is said, our blood holds a vibration to our psychic powers. This is why we feel so deeply introverted and sensitive at this time, because, the veils between the spiritual & celestial realms wear thin, we can sense and feel a lot more (I know I do!). With saying this, I feel it is important for me to share that for this reason, I am not an advocate for sharing public images on social media with my blood, its not that I condone it, I just feel our blood is sacred to us and to those we specifically choose to share it with, when we share it with those we don’t know we are opening ourselves up energetically in different realms this is where unwanted cords can be created.


Another way, I connect to my menstruation, is by giving my blood back to my favourite plant. I sometimes like to bring my pot plant in the shower with me, so I can ring the blood back into my plant for nutrition. May I add, my plant’s are thriving! Don’t take it from me though, give it ago and let me know what happens with your plants!

As you will notice, I have incorporated the elements of Water & Earth into my monthly menstruation, which in itself, connects me back to the elements of Earth. If you live in a city like me, we can begin to feel desensitised to nature, which affects our hormones and emotions long term. By connecting to our menstruation in this way each month, we are reconnecting back to the cycles of nature and to life, which in the long term can assist with balancing your hormones and thoughts.


I suggested this blood ritual with my client along with journaling her emotions down each day during 28-30 days cycle to track which days are more heightened in the month then others, this in itself, will give you clarity on how you manage your time throughout the month. It will also show you the days you might be more sensitive then others, this will give you clarity on when to schedule in appointments, catch ups etc.


Another Menstruation Ritual I like to do is, anoint my blood on my third eye (the area between my eye brows) to activate my intuition. I find by doing this, when I dance or meditate I feel more connected to my intuition.

One more way to connect to The Red Rose Mysteries is to buy red roses during your menstruation. All of the above rituals, were given to me by physically connecting to the roses, which then opened me up to communicating with feminine archetypes who have then initiated me into the mysteries of the red rose.

If you managed to read this far, thank you, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to connect to your womb and heart through the Red Rose Mysteries, please book in for a Heart Intuitive Reading, it is in these reading’s where magic can unfold.

With Love & Rose Blessings,