Rose Flower Essence – Twin Pack


This twin pack includes my Heart Opening Blend and my Signature Grail Blend. This twin pack is designed for a 4 Week Immersive Journey into the Medicine of the Rose & Rose Consciousness.

It is advised to take this Rose Flower Essence as so;
1. Heart Opening Blend (1-2 weeks)
2. Grail Blend (3-4 weeks)

Both Rose Flower Essence Blend’s comes with an activation Prayer Card, Usage & Dosage Instructions.

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Rose is the queen of all flowers, it is no wonder why the rose holds the the highest frequency of love. Rose holds a powerful vibration and resonance that works directly with the physical and energetic heart for spiritual heart healing, opening, heart break, anxiety and self love.

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Due to the nature of this blend, it is only available to purchase in this trinity pack & as a twin with the Heart Opening Blend. In November 2019, I arrived in Rosslyn, Edinburgh where I was guided to a private and hidden spring to source natural spring water (at the time I was not aware why I was collecting it). I quickly discovered a deep connection & reverence to the land of Rosslyn, including Rosslyn Chapel & Rosslyn Castle. The Grail Mysteries begun to unfold and tears streamed down my face with feeling a sense of wholeness & remembrance. The intention with this blend is to assist you to awaken the Grail Mysteries from within, i.e, to awaken the truth & sovereignty of your soul purpose while embracing the purity of your own Holy Light and connection to Sophia Christ Consciousness.

Note: This blend is not available on it’s own, it is important to take The Heart Opening Blend first before receiving this blend.

You will also receive free:
Prayer Activation Card
– Access to “The Rose Initiation” Support Group
– A copy of The Rose Initiation eBook filled with 22 Pages of Rose Content

This Rose Essence can be taken internally in drop doses, used topically, added to creams, baths, altars, or used for ritual practice. A common recommendation is to take 7 drops twice daily for a course of two weeks, or to take 7 drops as you need or want to use it.

A 20ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 40-50 doses depending on drop size.

Each bottle contains approx 20-25% alcohol.

HEART OPENING BLEND: Rose, Spring Water, Brandy (preservative)
GRAIL BLEND: Rose, Spring Water from Rosslyn Glen, Brandy (preservative).


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