Rose Flower Essence – Inner Union Blend


As Rose is the only flower that holds the highest frequency of love, this Homeopathic Grade Rose Flower Essence will assist you with welcoming in love, inner peace & harmony between your inner feminine & masculine and in your relationships and friendships. If you are wanting to attract a loving relationship and health friendships this blend is for you.  If you have not used the Heart Opening Blend first, I recommend beginning with The Heart Opening Blend so you will be receptive in receiving this Inner Union Medicine.

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This Rose Flower Essence blend is made using the Red & White Spring Water from Chalice Well Gardens in Glastonbury. The Red Spring Water represents the feminine polarity which is touched with iron and The White Spring represents the masculine polarity which is touched with calcite, bringing together a perfect alchemy of inner union. The intention with this blend is to welcome inner peace & harmony between your feminine & masculine, both within and to be reflected in your external relationships

With every bottle of Rose Flower Essence you will also receive free:

– Prayer Card
– Access to “The Rose Initiation” Support Group
– A copy of The Rose Initiation eBook filled with 22 Pages of Rose Content


This Rose Essence can be taken internally in drop doses, used topically, added to creams, baths, altars, or used for ritual practice. A common recommendation is to take 7 drops twice daily for a course of two weeks, or to take 7 drops as you need or want to use it.

A 20ml bottle is equivalent to approximately 40-50 doses depending on drop size.


Rose, Red & White Spring Water from Glastonbury, Brandy (preservative).
Contains approx 20-25% alcohol.


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