Red Rose Menstrual Cycle Chart


This downloadable Red Rose Menstrual Cycle shows the correlation between the way a Rose is grown through the seasons of Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn and how it is directly linked to the natural rhythms and cycle of a woman. Just as nature goes through these seasons, so do we, except we experience these 4 seasons in one month with our menstrual cycle!


Day 1 – 6: Bleed – Rose Seed

Day 7-13: Follicular Phase – Rose Bud
Day 14-21: Ovulation Phase – Rose Bloom

Day 22-28: Luteal Phase – Withered rose

How do I work with the rose and my cycle?

Firstly, through knowing how the seasons of nature and the rose are shown within your menstrual cycle. Secondly, through this downloadable Red Rose Menstrual Cycle to use as a journal prompt to track your cycle from day one of your bleed or used as an altar piece by setting an intention and prayer to connect deeper with your menstruation (see a photo of one of my recent altar’s in the gallery. You will also receive a prerecorded video of this Red Rose Teaching where I share in further detail what each of the Red Rose seasons represent and what emotions can arise during that time.

Who is this Red Rose Menstrual Cycle for?

– Those who identify as a Feminine Embodied woman
– Pre and Post-Menopausal women
– Young Women who have yet to experience their first bleed
– Women who would like to form a healthy and loving connection with their menstrual cycle
– Women who have irregular and painful menstrual cycles
– Women who are ready to embrace their femininity
– Women who want to connect back to the Earth

If you would like to form a loving relationship with your menstrual cycle and would like to track your cycle in a beautiful and graceful way this red rose menstrual cycle is for you!
I also have a deep prayer that this will reach the hearts and womb’s of young women/maidens who have yet to experience their bleed, so if you know of a young woman who would benefit in receiving this, then it may just be a perfect gift for them to understand how their menstrual cycle unfurls with the seasons – I know my younger self would have really appreciated it!

How to download? 
You will receive a high resolution jpg file to download onto your phone or compute upon purchase. Once it is downloaded you can then print in colour in your preferred size (A4 or A3 is recommended).


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