Tegan Speaks About: The Importance Of Taking Our Health Back Into Our Own Hearts & Hands

In this episode, I speak with Tegan Steele who is a motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Health & Wellbeing guru, Wholefood alchemist, Kundalini & Yin Yoga Teacher, Beauty Therapist, Personal Trainer, animal advocate and is the author of “365 days of wholeness”.

Tegan is a specialist in the field of physical detoxing & healing the body of ailments which is why I was so excited to get Tegan’s insight into how health & well being directly impacts the functioning of the heart.

If you have a curiosity about improving your health, from hormonal imbalances, stress, digestion, leaky gut and reducing your intake of processed foods, this episode is certainly for you!

In this episode, Tegan also speaks about:
– How her Mother healed Chron’s Disease
– The correlation between stress, heart arrhythmia & diet
– How eating a wholefood diet not only supports the functioning of our body
but also the planet too
– Why there are fires burning in the amazon
– Her top tips to living a healthy lifestyle
Coffee Enemas & Poo (in fact the episode finishes on poo, sorry, not sorry!)
Reducing intake of plastic
The documentary “what the hell”

You can book in for a Health Consultation with Tegan at www.tegansteele.com or here https://www.instagram.com/tegansteele_loves/