Tara Speaks About: Feminine Prosperity & Akashic Records


“When a mum shows up and she is happy and full, she is magnetic, and when the mum is happy, the whole family is happy”

In this episode, I speak with Tara Preston who is a Feminine Prosperity & Authentic Leadership Mentor for spirited women ready to reclaim their relationship to self & money so they can live the life they feel called too.

We discuss the initiation into Motherhood, The importance of carving out time at least 10 minutes per day for yourself, Prosperity Consciousness, Magnetism, The Akashic Records and how our feelings of “I am not good enough” are directly linked to the Mother Wound!

If you are ready to step into prosperity consciousness and magnetise your dream life this episode is for you!


Episode Notes:

2.42 – Tara’s radiant power hour practice (which can also be 10 minutes per day)
5.00 – Becoming a mother and how it initiated Tara into understanding her purpose so she can be the embodiment of living her purpose for her daughter
6.34 – The process into being a mother who is free & prosperous
7.40 – Tara speaks about the common feeling of “I’m not enough” and how carving out 10 minutes per day really shifted Tara’s energy feel enough in ALL areas of her life – business, mother, money, partner, work, etc.
9.49 – How shifting the practice from 10 minutes to an hour created a deeper connection with her daughter ash she felt more radiant & magnetic in giving this time to herself
11.21 – The importance of redefining what it means to be a mother and how you can be sexually active as well
13.13 – How Tara discovered the Akashic Records and how it is closely linked to prosperity consciousness
14.47 – How the Akashic Records is a deep soul healing tool for the planet
17.00 – The core feminine wound is “I am not good enough” which is also known as the mother wound
22.22 – The connection between the Mother Wound & Prosperity Wound and how it stems back to over 5,000 years ago when the divine feminine was first suppressed
24.38 – The mother wound and how it affects our ability to receive
27.47 – Moving from Poverty consciousness into Prosperity Consciousness
28.10 – How to utilise The Rose as a tool to bloom the Akashic Records from within
30.00 – How the rose represents the divine feminine, pure source of love & unity consciousness
31.31 – Tara shares that it is possible & easy to be in your pleasure and passion
35.34 – Working with flower essences

Connect with Tara here: www.tarapreston.com
Tara’s Feminine Prosperity Activation Session:

Connect with Tara here: https://www.instagram.com/tarapreston_feminineprosperity/