Oliver Speaks About: The Essene & Druid Tradition, Feminine Mysteries, Sacred Union.


3.14 – Self Care and Oliver’s daily ritual
6.37 – The importance of physical activity and embodiment
8.15 – The symbolism of the blooming rose
12.00 – Ancient Teachings of Yeshua
15.45 – The Heart and Ancient Mysteries of Glastonbury
17.35 – The “lost years” of Yeshua’s adolescence
21.49 – The Druid Mysteries of Glastonbury & The Heart
26.00 – The Gift of the Shadow
28.00 – Collective distrust from men towards the feminine (The Mother Wound from a Masculine Perspective) – everyone should listen to this! Both man & woman!
32.00 – How Mary Magdalene can assist with healing The Mother Wound in the masculine and insights into our inner feminine
35.57 – Men of The Rose
37.26 – Rights of Passage for men into feminine mysteries & Yeshua’s adolescence and coming of age in Avalon
41.22 – Womb Consciousness, Blood Mysteries & Rose Teachings
44.19 – The Importance of integrating your own inner masculine before teaching or showing men the feminine mysteries
47.53 – Men learning how to embrace their own inner feminine
52.12 – Four words that I heard from my ex partner that helped me feel seen & heard
54.00 – Men creating a relationship with their semen & role of working with their semen & Conscious Conception