Kelly Speaks About: The Magic of Ceremonial Cacao & The Mayan Calendar


In this episode I speak with Kelly Roland who is an alchemist of cosmic systems, embodiment, self-expression, and sacred plant allies. She works as an intuitive catalyst, supporting others to wake up to the unique divinity of their soul contract with her diverse tool kit. Who doesn’t love chocolate? Especially, the kind that doesn’t have any hidden nasties added! In this episode we speak about the origins of chocolate – the one and only magical ceremonial Cacao, we also speak about the Mayan Dreamspell Calendar and how it is linked to the medicine of cacao. We invite you to get cosy as Kelly & I share our personal and intimate medicine journey’s with Cacao and the mayan zodiac with you.

3.10 – Kelly’s Daily Self Care Practice (one of many!)

3.50 – The symbolism and meaning of the Pink & Orange Rose

6.10 – How ending and letting go of relationships invites us deeper into our wholeness

8.00 – Kelly shares her connection to Cacao and how it is a physical embodiment of nature, heart energy and sensuality

8.39 – History of Cacao and how it is an ancient revered medicine connected to the Mayan & Aztec Culture’s

10.25 – Cacao Ceremonies & Rituals and the medicinal benefits between Cacao Blocks & Powder

14.20 – The Cacao Tree, Cacao Pods and how Cacao is sourced

19.00 – The power and process of drinking cacao and how it reminds us of the rhythms and cycles of our own life

21.00 – The combination of Rose & Cacao and how they compliment one another and enhance our senses.

24.00 – Kelly speaks to the Mayan Calendar and how it is connected to the cycles of nature and our body

27.15 – How Mayan can activate the root of our soul and our divine purpose

27.50 – The correct pronunciation of “Mayan” and how Mayan is connected to Cacao

31.00 – Mayan is referred to as “blood of the earth” and why it connects us back to Earth

31.40 – Kelly shares how she discovered the Mayan Calendar in New Zealand and how she became a conduit for this ancient modality

33.10 – How to receive daily Mayan Reading’s, Insights and Forecasts

34.30 – Kelly shares how there is 260 signs and what a Mayan Reading entails, including our guiding essence and challenges.

41.30 – Kirsty shares a sentimental story on how she first connected to her Mayan Symbol “White Lunar Dog” in 2017.


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