Karen Speaks About: Grounding Bliss Back Into The Body

“the body of the earth is sexual in nature, and in order to walk on the earth and feel the pleasure of grass under our feet and the fragrance of a flower it cannot happen without sexuality, the earth is constantly making love to herself”

In this episode, I speak with Karen Prosen who is a transformational guide, womxn’s witness, mentor & A devotee of The Feminine Christ. Karen shares her journey into reclaiming her bliss, joy and eros within in her body and how it is possible to feel waves of un imaginable states of pure pleasure & ecstasy.

We also speak about the importance of physical exercise, celibacy, the rainbow rose & how it’s the eros of life force that drives us to make love, is the exact same life force that drives us to love god.


Episode Notes:
2.33 – A little story on how I first met Karen in Bali (this is really sweet!)
6.56 – Karen’s self love daily practice which includes physical activity
8.55 – Karen shares practice’s that assist with getting you back into your physical body
9.15 – How love making is one of them!
9.30 -How healing the Jesus wound is the same as healing the sexuality wound
10.55 – How the spiritual journey can either move you deeper into sexuality or away from it
12.08 – Lessons & Benefits in choosing periods of celibacy and how it heals shadow aspects of co dependency and neediness
13.28 – Karen’s Kundalini Awakening
14.30 – The bliss found in the body – “the eros of life force that drives us to make love, is the exact same life force that drives us to love god.”
15.44 – Collective healing around Christianity and the shame found within it
18.08 – The innocence & purity found in having a healthy relationship with your own sexuality
19.00 – How Karen’s longing for god is what allowed Karen to wake up in pure states of love, bliss & ecstasy
19.45 – The meaning of EROS and how this is depicted in the union of Yeshua & Mary
21.30 – I speak about the book “Grandmother Anna” and how she mentions we must have the willingness to see the divine in everything.
22.37 – How we are all capable to remember the love we hold within if during times of challenges, suffering and atrocities.
24.00 – In order to feel more joy we must open ourselves up to feeling more of the challenging emotions
24.23 – Karen speaks about the suffering she incurred from an early age, from eating disorders, abusive relationships, drug addictions and how she was able to transmute her suffering and how you can too!
24.54 – Waking up in bliss, pleasure and ecstasy and how it is possible to wake like that ( (I also speak about my experience with this!)
25.30 – Karen’s experience merging with Mary Magdalene and how Mary Magdalene told her that our birth right is wild and pure ecstasy
27.20 – How there are physical bio chemicals that makes it possible for us to fully feel bliss and ecstasy and in order to feel it we must open up to all of the other emotions that exist
28.00 Karen says you must be 1. longing to know truth, 2. The willingness to be uncomfortable and the willingness to open up to it all
28.53 – The importance of asking for support when emotions get too much.
29.35 – How isolation is what breeds illness so please reach out to someone who you trust & love!
39.55 – Karen speaks about the Rainbow Rose & The Rainbow Prophecies, Unity Consciousness

Book Mentioned:
– Grandmother Anna

Connect with Imaya here: http://www.karenprosen.com/

Connect with Imaya here: https://www.instagram.com/karenprosen/