Jedaya Speaks About: The planet Venus, Living as a Modern Day Witch & Shemite Rose Empress Priestess

In this episode I speak with Jedaya Barboza who is a Shemite Magdalene Rose Womb Empress and a Divine Feminine Leader. In this episode, Jedaya speaks to us about being a modern day witch, the planet Venus, what a Shemite Priestess is, the importance of putting love on top & her ancient rose teachings!

In this episode Jedaya gives you full permission to be your whole, true, authentic, vibrant, unique & juicy self just by her infectious heart!

Episode Notes:

2.30 – Jedaya’s daily self love practice
4.50 – The importance of putting love on top
6.15 – What it means to be a Venusian Priestess (the planet Venus)
7.31 – The planet Venus & and how she has two aspects (masculine (Libra) & female (Taurus). Jedaya speaks to the Egyptian Principles too.
11.30 – Libra teaches us the mirror and who holds the scale, how can we be the light in the darkness.
13.14 – How the Rose weaved her way into Jedaya’s world
15.40 – Jedaya speaks about her first business “Rosemary Milk Witch” and the true meaning behind it
17.14 – Reclaiming being a modern day witch & how Jedaya’s home city “Massachusetts” is considered as “witch city” as it is where many empowered women were burnt
19.20 – How to manage the critics and negative feelings towards having an altar, rituals or being a modern day witch
21.28 – How Jedaya uses spiritual words and has chosen to not change her language to suit others
25.00 – The medicine of being in the presence of someone who is whole heartedly them. The more you can be yourself, the more other’s will catch on!
26.00 – Embracing different archetypes and how they bloom at different times & cycles
28.18 – What it means to be a Shemite Rose Womb Empress Priestess (Shemite is a woman whose ancestry comes from Israel)
31.41 – The Rose is the empress of all flowers and how the rose emits a vibration frequency that 328hz – 528hz which is high!
35.00 – How the Rose speaks differently between each heart
36.52 – Jedaya speaks about what is alive for her at the moment and Jedaya shares her final words for this episode

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