Jasmine Speaks About: Rose Rituals, Menstruation, Dark & Wild Goddess Archetype

In this episode, I speak with Jasmine Rose who is a yogini and women’s temple keeper based in Brisbane, Australia. Jasmine loves to bring women together in sacred spaces for healing, ritual, and celebration. Jasmine holds an honours degree in psychology but was later called to a less conventional path – one of awakening and embodying the wild feminine. 

In this episode Jasmine & I speak about the The Rose being a powerful flower for physical, mental and spiritual heart healing and opening. We discuss how the rose found it’s way into Jasmine’s life, the dark and wild goddess archetype, menstruation and sacred rose rituals that you can implement into your daily life.


Episode Notes:

2.30 – Jasmine’s daily self love practice
4.21 – Self Massage & Breast Massage with Rose Oil
5.15 – Jasmine’s Journey moving from studying psychology, into practising yoga through to studying yoga to become a full time yoga teacher
6.36 – Jasmine speaks openly and vulnerably about how she became quite religious and rigid with her self practice and how it suppressed her feminine energy
7.35 – The initiation from heart break into the Mother Goddess
8.48 – How the stir of the goddess within begun to wake up within Jasmine’s body and heart and
9.30 – How Jasmine created “Shakti Yoga”
10.39 – How it feels to embrace the Dark Goddess, Dark Feminine energy, Eroticism, Sensuality, and Sexuality
12.59 – Uncomfortable feelings of rage, fear, sound, tears
14.45 – The goddess archetypes of Kali Ma “the dark one” & Durga Goddess Archetype and how to connect with them
17.23 – Jasmine speaks about her love of flowers and how the rose weaved her way into Jasmine’s life (through a breath of bliss work session)
21.45 – How Jasmine officially changed her name to “Jasmine Rose” and why she chose to embody the frequency and vibration of the Rose. Jasmine speaks about how it was a process of reclaiming her sovereignty and as a daughter of the goddess.
26.34 – A moment of prayer and appreciation for Jasmine reclaiming her sovereignty.
28.32 – The symbolism of the Rose and how there was shame around feeling too deeply, feeling too sensitive and too soft as a woman – (who else can resonate with this?! Your not alone!)
30.13 – How the Rose is medicine for beauty and how it inspires us to create and bring forth more beauty into the world. “I really connect with the rose as a reminder to see beauty, and to bring beauty into the world”
32.20 – The Rose being a gesture of love and romance
33.30 – The symbolism of Red & Pink Roses
33.46 – Jasmine so gratefully shares her very intimate rose ritual that she incorporates during her menstruation each month.
37.00 – How the Rose begins to speak from within and how it can often feel we are going against ourselves when sharing the codes of the rose with other, however, knowing it is the way of the feminine mysteries to share with other women what we have found within.
41.00 – Connecting with other Rose Sisters through social media during times of challenges and discomfort and how we are never alone if we take a moment to pause and hear all the women of the rose around the world in our hearts.
43.15 – Having the courage to trust the whispers of our heart
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You can connect with Jasmine Rose at www.jasminerose.co or here www.instagram.com/jasmine.la.rose/