Imaya Speaks About: Heartbreak, Emotional Maturity Vs Immaturity & Frequency Of The Heart

In this episode, I speak with Imaya Sabine who is an oracle of love and muse for awakening hearts. After several death and rebirth experiences she became initiated into the rose lineage, or the way of Love. Her life has become a mystery school, teaching her that every moment is an opportunity to choose love and return to her true essence.
She shares what she learns with the world through her online programs and her popular writings that can be found on her social media platforms and more recently the elephant journal with close to 30k views and 3.4 thousand shares, Imaya is creating a wave of authenticity and truth.

In this episode Imaya gives you full permission to feel your emotions as she speaks openly about the suffering and pain she has endured to open her heart. She reminds us that heartwork is not all fluffy & light and that it takes immense emotional maturity to feel the depths of our hearts pain.

If you have endured any kind of heartbreak in your life this episode is perfect for you.

Imaya & I recorded this episode during a time I was moving through heartbreak. It reminded me over & over again, that through this break was a deeper heart opening.


Episode Notes:

2.17 – Imaya’s Self Love Practice
4.50 – How to feel your emotions without identifying with them
6.16 – How heartbreak has been one of Imaya’s greatest teacher’s and initiations into life
8.15 – Imaya speaks about surrendering to challenging emotions, including heartbreak & grief and how these emotions are inviting us to understand what they are trying to teach us.
9.40 – The merging of pain & pleasure and Heartbreak and God
11.00 – How Heartbreak continues to be Imaya’s teacher
11.50 – What is underlying our insecurities around receiving love
12.50 – Listen to a beautiful Rumi Quote: “Escape the poison of your impulses.The sky will bow to your beauty, if you do.Learn to light the candle. Rise with the… … to light the candle. Rise with the sun. Turn away from the cave of your sleeping. That way a thorn expands to a rose”.
13.30 – How mystics find peace in the darkness and chaos of the world
16.19 – How being in your suffering of pain triggers a spiritual awakening & how chasing the light can detour your growth if you have yet to visit the pain in your heart
18.00 – Imaya speaks about not rushing the process of pain & suffering and how it is OK to feel it all
19.49 – The more our frequency rises, the more our highs become higher, and the lows, become lower
21.15 – How the Rose started to speak to Imaya
22.22 – Angel Numbers & Synchronicities
22.35 – How & Why I gifted Imaya my Rose Flower Essence and how it supported Imaya to become more sensitive to letting go of a past pain
26.28 – Imaya speaks about Emotional Alchemy and how to not identify with your emotions or let them run you
27.26 – How Rose has it’s own frequency & intelligence
29.10 – How the sacred reveals itself in everything
30.00 – The Rose, Mary Magdalene & Yeshua – “The way of love”
30.59 – How Unity Consciousness is using us as vessels
35.00 – When we try to control things, the more chaos & disharmony we create
36.00 – The gifts Imaya has received from the Rose, specifically from being of service to self to being of service to others & god
37.50 – How our happiness depends on others not because of how they treat us but how we treat them
40.00 – How Heartbreak is a blessing for being a catalyst for our spiritual awakening and that heartbreak teaches us that it is the same pain that everyone carries everyday – “The separation from love / source it self”.
42.40 – I share how heartbreak has always shown me that I had left myself to be with another.

I trust this episode will serve your heart to a deeper awakening and remembering. Feel free to reach out and let me know your take away’s.

Connect with Imaya here:

Connect with Imaya here: