Denell Speaks About: Cervical Wellness, Women’s Health & Healing Cervical Dysplasia


In this episode, I speak with Denell Nawrocki, MA who is an author, speaker, and holistic health expert specializing in Women’s health and wellness. Denell self-healed 7 years of HPV and cervical dysplasia diagnoses and has retained a clear bill of health ever since. Denell now guides women to self-heal their cervix, as well as reconnect to their female sacred-anatomy in new and empowering ways. In this episode Denell shares all her wisdom and knowledge about our cervix as women, self care practices, thorn medicine & the dark goddess. Denell also prompts us to inquire the possibilities of self healing.

“How many lover’s have touched my cervix? How many doctor’s have touched my cervix? Have I ever touched my cervix?” No! That needs to change”.

3.10 – Denell’s Daily Self Care Practice (one of many!)

5.10 – Denell speaks to her initial resistance to the medicine of the rose and how it was through her ancestral lineage that lead her to accept the path of the rose

6.15 – Thorn Medicine & The Dark Goddess and how you don’t need to be a soft gentle woman to resonate with the rose

8.30 – How Denell healed 7 years of HPV and cervical dysplasia diagnosis

18.00 – Denell’s results that cleared her from HPV and cervical dysplasia

18.50 – How Denell’s celebration quickly turned into anger and then passion to create her business “cervical wellness”

19.45 – Denell speaks about the different strains to HPV and cervical dysplasia and how their are no symptoms related to either

22.10 – How common it is for women to receive abnormal pap smears

24.00 – How Shame is the number 1 experience women have towards our pelvis and gynaecological health

26.30 – Denell shares how no authority outside of her helped heal herself and how empowering that it is

29.07 – Denell shares the physical practices that she took to heal

30.50 – Denell shares how she had to face her sexual past and history through taking the time to emotionally process the emotions and memories stored in her pelvis and cervix

32.05 – Cultivating a daily practice of cervix self touch

34.50 – Denell shares how it feels to touch your cervix and where the cervix is located depending where you are at in your monthly cycle

41.00 – How the throat and the cervix are connected


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