Asher Speak About: The Science Of The Heart & Heartmath Practices

In this episode I speak with Asher Packman who is a qualified mindset and leadership coach, certified HeartMath and Wim Hof Method instructor, as well as a KRI-certified Kundalini Yoga instructor. In this episode Asher shares with you his knowledge and wisdom of the heart, the science of the heart as well as HeartMath practices that have been scientifically proven to assist you in living a life through the heart. We also touch on epigenetics, the electromagnetic field of the heart and the attitude of gratitude!

Episode Notes:

2.15 – Asher’s daily self love & care practice
– What does it mean to live from the heart?
5.00 – Science of the heart – The left & right hemisphere of the brain
6.35 – How society pushes us into living from the mind
8.30 – “the level of the lesson that the universe gives to you, is the level of the lesson that is required to make the shift”
9.55 – The teaching’s in grief and how it is a skill that needs to be learnt
11.43 – Heart Focused Meditations (Self Compassion, Gratitude, Appreciation) have been proven by science to change us on an genetic level.
13.10 – How the Attitude of Gratitude changes our physiology when we bring gratitude into our heart
13.15 – The Electromagnetic field of the heart and how far our heart energy emanates
14.31 – The meaning of the Heart Coherence and the signals of the heart to the brain
16.15 – Intuition = Heart Intelligence
16.56 – The small moments throughout the day to be present within the moment
17.20 – How savouring the moment is a heartmath practice – a mini heart meditation.
18.00 – Asher’s mini heart meditation that he does while being in the car
20.36 – Shamanic Medicine Wheel and how the directions link to the virtues of the heart
22.00 – Finding love & compassion for yourself before trying to share that with other’s
23.39 – Kirsty & Asher Self Love Practice (to do with toothbrush!)
35.44 – The epigenetics of Self Compassion and how it has an impact on your talomeres and how it can reduce ageing
27.46 – How love is extremely vast and how it can only be felt
29.22 – To strengthen your intuition you have to connect to your heart
30.50 – We discuss the fundamental practices of Heartmath from which all heartmath practices spring from – Heart Centred Breathing
33.33 – What happens when we begin to replay loving memories and bring them through meditation
37.07 – How love can’t have condition
38.17 – The meaning of Heart rate variability

Book Reference:

The Telomere Effect – Elizabeth Blackburn
The descent of Man – Charles Darwin

What was said to the rose that made it open was said to me here in my chest.”

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