14. Child Birth as a Rites of Passage & Conscious Conception

In this episode I speak to Rebecca Wilson who is a Shamanic Womb Keeper and Healer who midwifes women back into wholeness and their power. Rebecca speaks to us about the importance of women understanding life transitions as a rites of passage, specifically, during child birth, child loss and moving from Maiden to Mother. If you are a woman who is moving through a big life transition at the moment, then this episode may bring comfort to your ears & heart. We also speak about Conscious Conception and what it means to physically and energetically prepare your body for birth.

2.30 – Rebecca’s self care practice

4.30 – The definition of a rites of passage and what it means for a modern day woman today

6.00 – The many rites of passage cycles a women transitions through in her lifetime

8.30 – Birth as a rites of a passage

11.30 – Ancient wisdom returning

12.15 – Rebecca speaks to her personal experience through her rites of passage of child birth & baby loss.

19.23 – Practices and Tools to assist with physical, emotional and spiritual pain during a rites of passage

21.30 – Transitioning from maiden to mother and the journey of conscious conception

22.45 – What a conscious conception journey means and what it entails

24.00 – The importance of women knowing they have the power of choice during pregnancy

28.22 – Importance of listening to your intuition and inner wisdom and being ok with change

32.30 – What emotions surface for a woman who has given birth and is now a mother

34.00 – How birth and death are symbiotic and that when a woman gives birth she is also letting go of the old her

35.30 – Conscious Conception involving and understanding of Loss of self and a birth of a new identity

Rebecca invokes soon to be mothers to ask:
How do I feel about becoming a mother?
How do I feel about my identity changing?
How do I feel about having this small human being that needs so much love and attention?

If you would like to connect with Rebecca please visit: 
IG: Rebecca_wilson_

Website: https://www.rebecca-wilson.com/

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