13. Celebrate my 33rd Birthday – 33 Things I have learnt living 33 years on Earth!

I am excited to share this episode with you as this episode is a little different as there will be no guest. In fact, it will be just with me.

I am the founder of The Rose Series Podcast and I felt inspired to let you into my world a little more and perhaps get a little vulnerable with you. See, on may 3rd I turned 33, a day that I had been looking forward to, a day and year that I believe to be the year of Christ. 

In this episode I share with you 33 Things I have learnt living 33 years on Earth. I shared these 33 things online with an intimate group of friends and was asked if I would share them on my podcast – and quite naturally I said yes! In this episode, I also share with you the medicinal benefits of my Rose Flower Essence Blends. Thank you for celebrating my 33rd birthday  with me!