Sharon Speaks About: Rose & Tobacco


In this episode, I speak to Sharon Bolt who is a former Advertising Account Director who retrained as a kinesiologist, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner, Family Constellations facilitator, chi kung instructor and shamanic practitioner.  She now runs a school for practitioners of magickal arts called Shamanic Energy Training.

Together, we speak about the masculine counterparts & plant spirits of the rose, we discuss how just working with the rose can create an emotional imbalance in our hearts, we speak to the medicine of tobacco, and also how stepping out as a spiritual practitioner takes time and that it is ok to be working a standard job while you create the foundations for your soul work. In this episode you will be reminded how the rose teaches us that just like her, she takes time to bloom, as do you.

Sharon worked 80+ hours a week as an Advertising Account Director for 7 years while attending her soul work on the weekends. You are exactly where you need to be!


Episode Notes:

3.30 – Sharon’s daily self love & care practice
4.00 – Sharon’s journey moving away from working as an Advertising Account Director into running a school for practitioners of magickal arts called Shamanic Energy Training
7.00 – How opening the heart can assist you to see “work” as joy instead of a burden and using your gifts as medicine in the office
8.00 – The Rose medicine teaches us to listen to synchronicity’s and allow spirit to move through before you
12.25 – How working in the office you are adding a new and positive frequency to the environment and seeing the corporate job as being in your solar plexus power
15.40 – The Rose Spirit & How it appeared in Sharon’s world
19.00 – The core teachings of the Rose – Compassion & Opening up metaphysical doors to knowledge and other hidden gems with her thorn key
20.30 – The Galactic Teachings of the Rose
21.30 – How the contract of working with the rose demands devotion and ritual and to be aware of her deeper teachings. She is an initiatory medicine.
23.45 – How the Rose can act as a communicator between other plants and your sacred contract to plant spirits
27.00 – Spirit of Tobacco and it’s medicinal properties in welcoming in your masculine energy
31.33 – How working with Tobacco can be grounding, used for prayer, & psychic protection, and lots more.
31.43 – History of cigarettes & tobacco and how rose & tobacco were blended together
37.42 – How tobacco and rose can connect to the womb and heart
38.00 – The difference between tobacco in cigarettes, pastes, cigars etc.
44.00 – Other masculine plant & tree spirits

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