Can you remember your first heart break?

The truth is, my heart breaks a little every day, in fact, it ruled my entire life until I harnessed my gift of feeling everything so deeply. The gift being, witnessing the break as a beautiful opening.

Some of my biggest lessons & challenges in life occurred when I was young, not to say there won’t be more to come (there will be), however, it was certainly a time when I got to experience my fluctuating hormones mixed with my raw & unapologetic emotions for the very first time. Where was Rose Medicine when I needed it the most?

I am feeling grateful for my heart breaks, for each one prepared me to find love in my heart while the old part’s of myself break away and create new ways of being, doing, thinking, feeling and loving. After all, is that not what we are all here for?

A little story time, because who doesn’t enjoy a good story to get to know another? Rewind to when I was in my early twenties (10 years ago now – yes, I can’t believe it either). Imagine a young, playful, innocent and slightly tipsy young woman, eager and excited to surprise her boyfriend of three years to then feeling her heart break into a million pieces after walking in to find him in bed with another woman. Followed with a raging woman (insert goddess Karli here) who was in so much pain, she recklessly drove her car until 2 angels in uniform pulled her over. I still remember that evening and the thoughts I had racing through my mind, they went a little something like this “I can’t take this pain, god, just take me now”. I actually wanted to die and it was the first time I reached out to god asking for help – counter intuitive don’t you think?

5 short months later, I met my next boyfriend and we were together for 3 years, it felt as though he ignited my trust again. I thought he was the love of my life. Within the first few months, I booked a holiday overseas and I was away for the first 5 months of our relationship. He would text and email me everyday, sleep in my bed while I was gone, we loved each other so much, that we didn’t know what to do with it all. After our breakup, I lost 7kgs, my energy and self worth. I was broken and lost.

The honest truth was, these two heartbreaks were the catalyst in beginning my self love journey because I discovered how disconnected I was from my own heart. I was feeling love the only way I knew how, by giving to other’s and not to myself. I invested in to daily yoga, minimising my alcohol intake, physical endurance, saying no to nights out with my girlfriends, spent lots of time alone and travelled the world to find and heal my heart & soul.

What I discovered was that even though I was giving my love to other’s and not to myself, I also had the capacity to forgive. Forgiveness is the gateway to healing and opening ones heart. I recognised that my courageous heart knew how to remain open to receive love again. Interestingly, I met many people (women in particular) who shared with me that once their heart broke they didn’t feel safe to open up to love again. This was the beginning of me sharing my medicine with other’s and ultimately my heart. I had come into union with my own love & I had known what it felt like to feel the separation to love.

My Heart Break journey begun initially within my relationships and how I connected specifically with men, however, Heart Break can occur daily from seeing a baby cry, to an animal in pain or to witnessing the beauty in a sunset or sunrise. Heart Break comes through many ways and in many forms. Heartbreak is a great Heart Opening into the limitless potential of love. A broken heart is a heart that can learn how to forgive, to feel compassion and to receive a deeper connection to themselves.

If you have experienced any kind of heartbreak you will know that it takes time, it is certainly not an overnight miracle, however, there are certain practices and tools that can bring us closer to our own heart’s.

Rose Medicine is the healer of all flower’s when it comes to the way of the Heart. She soften’s the walls we may have built up around our heart space from previous heartbreaks, loss or sadness, she gently nourishes the heart with love until she is ready to open again, she teaches us self love through connecting us to our own intuition, she reminds us of our own beauty, and she certainly gives permission for our stored emotions to be released.

Just like a Rose takes time to bloom, so do our hearts, and so, therefore, she is a metaphor for life and for opening one’s hearts. Our heart’s require daily nurture and nourishment. Without water, would a rose bloom?

Rose Medicine is a powerful and nurturing spirit to work with if your heart feels closed off from feeling love.

If you would like to begin to soften and nourish your heart, begin a self love journey then my Heart Opening Blend of Rose Flower Essence is a beautiful way to begin the process.

From one open heart to another,

With Love & Rose Blessings,