Medicine of the Rose & Holy Thorn – Foundation Course

Learn how to use Rose’s as a natural homeopathic medicine to support your mind, body & spirit.

Welcome to the course

This is a series of Five Educational Online Ceremonies that you can participate in at your own pace.
This is for you if you wish to unlock and remember the teaching’s of the rose as well as an opening and softening into the power of your heart with the Medicine of the Red, White & Pink Rose and the Holy Thorn.
Throughout history it is said that Roses are the queen of all flowers, for the rose emits the highest frequency of love, vibrating between 328hz – 528hz frequency. Today, in our western culture, the rose is symbolic as a gesture of love and union, often given on Valentine’s day. However, the true symbolism of the Rose is to listen to the rose that exists within your heart, some of our greatest prophets knew this wisdom (Mother Mary, Shakespeare, Rumi, Mary Magdalene just to name a few!).

In these ceremonies, you will learn & remember:

  • Folkore of ancient rose teachings
  • The symbolism of the Red, Pink & White Rose
  • The symbolism of the Holy Thorn
  • The benefits & properties of each rose and how
  • to use them with intention for heart healing
  • Rose practices & rituals
  • How the Rose can support you with self love & nurture
  • How to commune with the rose to connect to your heart (this varies between each of us!)