The Language of Roses – Foundation Course

Learn how to use Rose’s as a natural homeopathic medicine to support your mind, body & spirit.

Welcome Beauty

This course is for those who have a love and admiration for Roses and flowers. You may be moving through heartbreak, grief, loss, sadness and would like to begin the process of breaking away from the perpetual loop of suffering and despair and into the full embodied wholesome woman that you are!

Many women I work with tend to find my work when they begin to smell the scent of roses around them or that the rose is appearing in their lives in the most miraculous ways – perhaps your mother or grandmother had a love of roses? Maye your neighbour started talking to you about roses? Perhaps you are leaning towards lotions and potions with rose in it? These are all normal signs when awakening to the path of the rose.

In this eCourse you will:

  • explore alternative and holistic methods into healing your heart
  • enhance and remember the ancient mystery school teachings of the rose
  • soften the thorns arounds your heart
  • open your heart and receptivity so you can attract real authentic love into your life.
  • reconnect to God (not referring to religion).

As a member of Rose Academy you will become an initiate of the school with possibilities of becoming a rose ambassador in the future.


The Rose and Holy Thorn eCourse is a series of six educational online modules that you can participate in at your own pace.

The course content includes 5 recorded videos per module:

  • Opening Ceremony (Live)
  • Module 1: Red Rose Medicine
  • Module 2: Holy Thorn
  • Module 3: White Rose Medicine
  • Module 4: Pink Rose Medicine
  • Closing Ceremony (Live)

In these ceremonies, you will learn & remember:

  • Ancient rose teachings
  • The true symbolism of the Red, Pink & White Rose
  • The true symbolism of the Holy Thorn
  • The benefits of connecting to each rose
  • How to use each rose with intention
  • Rose practices & rituals
  • Rose Recipe’s
  • How the Rose can support you with self love & nurture

This course also includes:

  • 4 Bonus Live Q&A ceremonies post module (Value: $888)
  • Rose Flower Essence Heart Opening Blend (Value: $60)
  • Red Rose Menstrual Cycle Chart (Value: $33)
  • Live Group Breathwork Session (Value: $222)
  • Access to Three Rose Academy Monthly Ceremonies

Frequently Asked Questions

The content is pre recorded and available to you as soon as you sign up. After each module you will have access to join a live Q&A ceremony to ask Kirsty any questions you might have regarding the module.

All sales are final and non refundable.

Every two weeks, you will receive access to a new module. As this eCourse is an initiation into the foundational teachings of the rose, it is important for you to feel and move through each rose with enough time time to integrate and receive the rose teachings.

A rose requires strong roots, before she can bloom into full beauty, just like you!

Yes, after each module you will receive a link to a live Q&A Ceremony with me which will be hosted on Zoom.

No, this course are the foundational teachings of the rose and it is strictly prohibited to copyright these teachings or use these teachings as your own. This course if for your individual growth. Happy to have a chat with you if you have any questions.

Payment is discussed in our first consultation call. There are various payment options and plans available to suit your financial needs. Please contact [email protected] to schedule a time with Kirsty.

“Mystery glows in the rose bed, the secret is hidden in the rose”
– 12th century persian poet.

About Kirsty

Kirsty has been hosting Rose ceremonies since 2014. Her combination of Rose Knowledge, Ancient Wisdom and Leadership Training has resulted in Kirsty being recognised as a Divine Feminine Leader in the field of consciousness and holistic medicine. As a natural born psychic and medical intuitive, Kirsty is here to remind humanity that connecting back to the Earth is the way to heal the mind, body and spirit.

Kirsty frequently travels the Rose ley line through France, Glastonbury and Scotland to deepen her connection to these ancient rose mystery school teachings. Kirsty warmly invites you to connect with the rose to see how the rose will unfurl for you.