What is Rose Flower Essence?

Flower Essences exists within Western Herbal Medicine, which in a more broader term falls under the category of Complimentary Medicine and Integrative Medicine. Complementary Medicine is medicine that exists outside of the main stream healthcare system and Integrative Medicine combines both healthcare and complementary together to treat the person as a whole. It is important to note, as Rose Flower Essence can be used along side health care medicine, however, it is always important to consult your doctor (if you have one) first.

Rose Flower Essence is the  imprint of roses harvested and placed in pure spring water at the height of their bloom. The rose petals are infused by floating them in water underneath the sun’s rays, the water then carries the vibrational energy of the rose. This infusion is then preserved with alcohol or apple cider vinegar and diluted into stock bottles to be taken as drops under the tongue.

As water holds the imprint of memory, intention and flower or plant, this water provides a healing effect within our body.  Scientists such as Masaru Emoto have now been able to confirm this to be true.

The Philosophy Behind Flower Essences

In Western Herbal Medicine it is known that a flower or plant holds a different energy that can be used to influence or shift deep patterns in our physical and emotional state. Flower Essences help us to release emotional programs and bring down blockages that prevent us from seeing, understanding and connecting to our heart and in our connection to God. The Philosophy behind Flower Essences is that specific flower's and plants helps us to release emotional programs that prevent us from connecting to the heart of who we are.

The Philosophy Behind Rose Flower Essences

The Healing Property of the Rose, "rosa" is "Love" which primarily supports our heart and Thymus. Our heart is the first organ that forms when we are in our mother's womb, it is the centre point to which we access our intuition and feeling before it moves to the brain into a thought. Our thymus is known to flutter when we feel excitement or nervousness. 

The Rose connects us to our hearts to feel emotions of Love, Compassion, Kindness, Peace, Self Worth and Forgiveness while melting away the prickly-ness or thorns around our heart space that may have formed through Loss, Grief, Pain and Heartbreak. Rose Flower Essence allows for deep nurture and gentleness to offer a safe space to lovingly release these feelings around our heart which keep us from forming true connections with ourselves, other’s and God.

Rose Flower Essences in Practice

Disconnection from our hearts can create energetic and emotional imbalances that cause us to close down and live from a place of fear and not love. When we live a life of fear we are more prone to experiencing toxic relationships, disconnection from God and what brings us joy, making poor choices and find ourselves in situations that cause more emotional harm then good.

Rose Flower Essence works very subtly and gently, so the effects might take some time, although those who are very sensitive can sometimes feel an immediate shift in their heart space. When I first begun working with Rose Flower Essence, I would often express tears and feelings of sadness as these were emotions I stored in my heart from experiencing heartbreak and grief. Once, my tears were felt, I was more receptive to feel rushes of bliss and exuberant feelings of joy and happiness. Rose Flower Essence takes time, however, the more diligently you devote to working with her, the more you will receive.  As a rose takes time to grow from the seeds in the soil so do we.

With time you will discover how Rose Flower Essence has supported your heart to feel more open and receptive to life while teaching you to honour yourself to be fierce and sharp like a rose's thorns. Using Rose Flower Essence is deeply nurturing, comforting and loving. It is common to experience deeper connection with yourself and in your relationships and friendships.

The Rose also gently strengthens our intuition to know when it is time to start or continue working with the Rose. If you love the scent of rose or appreciate a Rose's beauty it is often a good indication that you might benefit from Rose Flower Essence.

All of our Rose Flower Essences are Dosage Bottles

It is recommended to take 7 drops under the tongue, once a day for 2 weeks, however, if you find the dosage too strong, reduce your take to 4 drops a day. As you continue to use the Rose as medicine, you will feel deeply connected to your intuition and heart and will know the length of time you are being asked to work with the rose. This is in fact, The Rose's greatest medicine.

Visit our apothecary here to view our range of Rose Flower Essence.


Heart Break to Heart Opening

Can you remember your first heart break?

The truth is, my heart breaks a little every day, in fact, it ruled my entire life until I harnessed my gift of feeling everything so deeply. The gift being, witnessing the break as a beautiful opening.

Some of my biggest lessons & challenges in life occurred when I was young, not to say there won’t be more to come (there will be), however, it was certainly a time when I got to experience my fluctuating hormones mixed with my raw & unapologetic emotions for the very first time. Where was Rose Medicine when I needed it the most?

I am feeling grateful for my heart breaks, for each one prepared me to find love in my heart while the old part’s of myself break away and create new ways of being, doing, thinking, feeling and loving. After all, is that not what we are all here for?

A little story time, because who doesn’t enjoy a good story to get to know another? Rewind to when I was in my early twenties (10 years ago now - yes, I can’t believe it either). Imagine a young, playful, innocent and slightly tipsy young woman, eager and excited to surprise her boyfriend of three years to then feeling her heart break into a million pieces after walking in to find him in bed with another woman. Followed with a raging woman (insert goddess Karli here) who was in so much pain, she recklessly drove her car until 2 angels in uniform pulled her over. I still remember that evening and the thoughts I had racing through my mind, they went a little something like this “I can’t take this pain, god, just take me now”. I actually wanted to die and it was the first time I reached out to god asking for help - counter intuitive don’t you think?

5 short months later, I met my next boyfriend and we were together for 3 years, it felt as though he ignited my trust again. I thought he was the love of my life. Within the first few months, I booked a holiday overseas and I was away for the first 5 months of our relationship. He would text and email me everyday, sleep in my bed while I was gone, we loved each other so much, that we didn’t know what to do with it all. After our breakup, I lost 7kgs, my energy and self worth. I was broken and lost.

The honest truth was, these two heartbreaks were the catalyst in beginning my self love journey because I discovered how disconnected I was from my own heart. I was feeling love the only way I knew how, by giving to other’s and not to myself. I invested in to daily yoga, minimising my alcohol intake, physical endurance, saying no to nights out with my girlfriends, spent lots of time alone and travelled the world to find and heal my heart & soul.

What I discovered was that even though I was giving my love to other’s and not to myself, I also had the capacity to forgive. Forgiveness is the gateway to healing and opening ones heart. I recognised that my courageous heart knew how to remain open to receive love again. Interestingly, I met many people (women in particular) who shared with me that once their heart broke they didn’t feel safe to open up to love again. This was the beginning of me sharing my medicine with other’s and ultimately my heart. I had come into union with my own love & I had known what it felt like to feel the separation to love.

My Heart Break journey begun initially within my relationships and how I connected specifically with men, however, Heart Break can occur daily from seeing a baby cry, to an animal in pain or to witnessing the beauty in a sunset or sunrise. Heart Break comes through many ways and in many forms. Heartbreak is a great Heart Opening into the limitless potential of love. A broken heart is a heart that can learn how to forgive, to feel compassion and to receive a deeper connection to themselves.

If you have experienced any kind of heartbreak you will know that it takes time, it is certainly not an overnight miracle, however, there are certain practices and tools that can bring us closer to our own heart’s.

Rose Medicine is the healer of all flower's when it comes to the way of the Heart. She soften’s the walls we may have built up around our heart space from previous heartbreaks, loss or sadness, she gently nourishes the heart with love until she is ready to open again, she teaches us self love through connecting us to our own intuition, she reminds us of our own beauty, and she certainly gives permission for our stored emotions to be released.

Just like a Rose takes time to bloom, so do our hearts, and so, therefore, she is a metaphor for life and for opening one’s hearts. Our heart’s require daily nurture and nourishment. Without water, would a rose bloom?

Rose Medicine is a powerful and nurturing spirit to work with if your heart feels closed off from feeling love.

If you would like to begin to soften and nourish your heart, begin a self love journey then my Heart Opening Blend of Rose Flower Essence is a beautiful way to begin the process.

From one open heart to another,

With Love & Rose Blessings,

7 Embodied Ways to Return to Love

Just a little reminder of some things you can implement into your daily life to be reminded of the love that you are.

Simply download the graphic below, print it out or keep it on your phone for those times you need a reminder!

A message from Mary Magdalene's Yoni Cave in Massif de la Sainte-Baum, France

A woman's temple is to be entered with Respect & Reverence". This was one of the messages Magdalene's Yoni Cave shared with me as I sat at her entrance with my dear friend Karen Prosen, patiently waiting until she welcomed us both in.

We hiked for 1.5 hours that day to find her yoni cave and be initiated into her sacred teaching’s so it was certainly important to the both of us to honour her by waiting until we felt the presence of a “YES”.

As we waited, four men who were hiking through Massif de la Sainte-Baum, entered her without asking for consent first. So quite naturally as they rushed in, one of the men slipped, and fell all the way down into her cave.

For me the symbolism of witnessing their encounter with her cave was powerful and simultaneously a metaphor for all of us. When it comes to intimacy with another and ourselves, a woman's temple is to be respected, revered and eventually ravished with consent. She is not be entered until she responds with her body and communicates a clear yes.

When we rush, disassociate or ignore when "she" our yoni is not ready for intimacy, we are creating disharmony with ourselves and who we are intimate with. This can show up through PMS, thrush, dryness and dis-ease in the body.

The Red Rose Medicine is directly linked to our womb consciousness, she teaches us how to connect and honour her ????

My next Rose & Holy Thorn Ceremonies will be online, with deeper teachings, guest speaker's as as well as private 1:1 Sessions. I am so excited! To reserve your spot and deepen your connection to your womb please message me (even if it is just as curiosity). ????

A Red Rose Ritual | Yoni Steam Ceremony

The Red Rose, teaches us embodiment, she reminds us of the beauty within our femininity and teaches us the importance of taking moments through out the day or week to give back to our inner red rose muse.

One of my favourite Red Rose Rituals is Yoni Rose Steaming which is a sacred term for Vaginal Steaming. Yoni Rose Steams, are a beautiful way to welcome and connect deeper to your Sensuality, Sexuality, Womb & Vulva. Yoni Steams are great for genital, menstrual and reproductive issues also.

This ritual is an ancient holistic practice where Priestess's would share this sacred time together, to reflect and manifest there creativity and gifts into reality.  It was known as a time to connect in truth, authenticity and honour. It is also just as powerful to do this ritual on your own, however, if you do have women in your life who you trust and feel safe with I recommend sharing this together - it can fun and so deepening for your friendship too!

This ancient ritual is sacred, so I invite you to follow the guidance below to ensure you receive the most from your first ever yoni steam! Together, we are bringing back ancient practices into our modern world.

Firstly, it is important to intuitively select the best blend of herbs for your yoni as each of us a different, Here is my favourite blend: Red Rose Petals, Red Raspberry, Chamomile, Rosemary, Calendula, Marshmallow and Licorice.

La Loba has a beautiful blends that include Rose Petals!

What you will need?
- Yoni Stool / Throne however this not required as the below ritual I share the process in steaming with a toilet
- A bowl (Click here to get the yoni bowl below!)
- Candles, Music, Talisman
- Fresh Red Roses
- Hot Water
- Yoni Herbs


Yoni Steam Ceremony 
The easiest way to create a yoni throne is to use your toilet, however, you can also use a large bowl and place a towel around the edge (you don't want to burn your yoni!). If you do choose to use the toilet, it is practical and more comfortable. Adorn your bathroom / toilet with candles, roses and other delights that will assist you to relax and connect you deeper to your yoni, I find gentle music is always comforting too.

1. Clean the entire toilet thoroughly
2. Place a large heat proof bowl inside the toilet, one that cover's most of the toilet. You may place another smaller bowl inside the large bowl to direct the steam.
3. Place your herbs in the bowl and add half a cup of hot water (preferred spring water and boiled). Welcome to keep the kettle / jug of hot water close by to top up.
4. Gently sit on the toilet seat, to gradually check the heat is right for your yoni. Each of our yoni's are unique, so the temperature will vary between each woman.
5. Wrap a towel around your hips and legs to seal the steam.
6. Close your eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. You can top up the water if you feel like you need too.
7. You may receive inspiration, memories, guidance during this time - this is normal!

Enjoy lovely, this is such a beautiful ritual to do for yourself.


Love Your Womb Ceremony

An Online Ceremony to connect you to your womb

If you would like to connect deeper with your womb, sexuality, sensuality, I offer 1:1 Online Womb Ceremonies. Send me an email if you want to deepen your connection to your own inner Red Rose Muse.

The Red Rose | Love, Menstruation & Feminine Mysteries

In a recent Heart Intuitive Reading with a beautiful woman in her early 30’s, I was guided to share and emphasise how the Red Rose Mysteries would benefit in balancing her emotions & hormones as well as feeling more connected and grounded to the Earth.

I believe what was shared in this session can benefit you too, as my wish is for all of us to be able to participate in life as opposed to feeling disconnected from it.

If you have ever felt not safe to be truly you, then I hope this blog will support you.

As women, our hormones can affect not only how we live but how we perceive the world around us, and usually, when our hormones are up and down we don’t feel connected to ourselves let alone the earth. When we feel disconnected, we ultimately do not feel safe in our bodies.

So, why do at times we feel disconnected? I believe one of the main reasons is not having a healthy relationship with our womb & menstruation. This is why I have created my Red Rose Menstrual Cycle Chart which can support women to connect to their cyclical nature.

The Red Rose is a muse for creativity, love & profound beauty.

I am sure, at some point in your life you have either been gifted a red rose or you have purchased a bunch of roses for yourself, and if the answer is no, then this a sign for you to go and get yourself some - like, right now!

I invite you now to take a moment to reflect how roses make you feel.....

Roses, never seem to disappoint anyone, and traditionally, it is because they are known as a gesture of love, and who doesn’t want to feel love?

Let me begin with some fun ancient facts, in Eastern spiritual traditions, it said that we have seven primary energy centre’s that exist within our human & energetic body. The first chakra is located at the base of the spine which is known as the root chakra, this chakra is aligned with the element of Earth. This chakra identifies with how rooted & grounded we feel to the earth, i.e. Security, Safety, Basic needs (food, sleep, home) & also how we are perceived through our physical identity.

To me, the root chakra is the most important chakra for us to keep balanced, when this chakra is out of balance so are we and all our other chakra’s.

The Red Rose Mysteries represent Menstruation (Womb) & Love (Heart) which is located close to the root chakra.


Our Menstruation is the primary source of how we as women re create each month. We shed the old every time we bleed, so we can claim the new in our next month. Our relationship with our menstruation is a direct reflection on how we perceive the world. If we feel deeply connected to our menstruation each month, i.e. if we can appreciate & adore our menstruation, surely we can appreciate life a little more? If we don’t appreciate our menstruation and feel deeply disconnected from it, perhaps this can be linked to feelings of disconnection, dis-ease, and dis comfort.


A little personal journey from me….

Rewind, to when I was a young adolescent and I received my first bleed standing in the shower, I recall reaching to a packet of supermarket pads from underneath the bathroom sink. I was so excited to have received my bleed! From that day forward, I never questioned whether to wear tampons or not as I could never comprehend why I would keep the blood inside my womb when it had a desire to come out. There was something so familiar about allowing my blood to come out as opposed to keeping it in my womb with a tampon, of course, during my high school years I was certainly in the minority of being a pad user. For those of you who are pad user’s, I am sure you can relate?

As women, we are all naturally & highly intuitive to our core, we all know what is best for us, so please take what I share through your individual lens, feel into what is right for you and by no means am I suggesting what is shared here as being right or wrong, I am simply sharing from the guidance I have received from myself & the feminine mentors I connect with, Mary Magdalene & ISIS.


For the past seven years I have been collecting my menstruation through natural fibre material. I swapped my non biodegradable pads for natural fibre material that can be re used & re washed each month. I have 3-4 different size material that I alternate between depending on how heavy or light my bleed is. I suggest this to women I work with because not only does it connect you back to the Earth (keep reading) it is also sustainable for the Earth, meaning, the natural fibres can be re wearable and last up to 6 cycles even more. Pads & Tampons unfortunately can not be reused, they are thrown out and placed in a bin which is symbolic in it self. They also are not biodegradable.

Our bleed is sacred elixir and does not belong in a bin, in fact, to connect us back to the earth it is really lovely to return our blood to the Earth with intention.

The natural fibre cloth can be washed, I like to do this, either in a bucket and clean water so I can then wash my plants with the blood or I take the cloth into the shower with me. Perhaps, you can say, I use my blood as soap. I understand this might be a little out their for some, but try to keep an open mind. Water is our greatest cleanser and purifier, it also keeps us hydrated, so by washing the cloth and washing your body with your own blood that comes from within your body, on an energetic level, you are creating a deeper bond with your womb & therefore your menstruation.

I have witnessed many women transform purely through this ritual. I have also witnessed many women (myself included) reduce period cramps, PMS, migraines etc. What may also happen is your period may begin to feel lighter and shorter.

In shamanic traditions it is said, our blood holds a vibration to our psychic powers. This is why we feel so deeply introverted and sensitive at this time, because, the veils between the spiritual & celestial realms wear thin, we can sense and feel a lot more (I know I do!). With saying this, I feel it is important for me to share that for this reason, I am not an advocate for sharing public images on social media with my blood, its not that I condone it, I just feel our blood is sacred to us and to those we specifically choose to share it with, when we share it with those we don’t know we are opening ourselves up energetically in different realms this is where unwanted cords can be created.


Another way, I connect to my menstruation, is by giving my blood back to my favourite plant. I sometimes like to bring my pot plant in the shower with me, so I can ring the blood back into my plant for nutrition. May I add, my plant’s are thriving! Don’t take it from me though, give it ago and let me know what happens with your plants!

As you will notice, I have incorporated the elements of Water & Earth into my monthly menstruation, which in itself, connects me back to the elements of Earth. If you live in a city like me, we can begin to feel desensitised to nature, which affects our hormones and emotions long term. By connecting to our menstruation in this way each month, we are reconnecting back to the cycles of nature and to life, which in the long term can assist with balancing your hormones and thoughts.


I suggested this blood ritual with my client along with journaling her emotions down each day during 28-30 days cycle to track which days are more heightened in the month then others, this in itself, will give you clarity on how you manage your time throughout the month. It will also show you the days you might be more sensitive then others, this will give you clarity on when to schedule in appointments, catch ups etc.


Another Menstruation Ritual I like to do is, anoint my blood on my third eye (the area between my eye brows) to activate my intuition. I find by doing this, when I dance or meditate I feel more connected to my intuition.

One more way to connect to The Red Rose Mysteries is to buy red roses during your menstruation. All of the above rituals, were given to me by physically connecting to the roses, which then opened me up to communicating with feminine archetypes who have then initiated me into the mysteries of the red rose.

If you managed to read this far, thank you, and I would love to hear your thoughts.

If you would like to connect to your womb and heart through the Red Rose Mysteries, please book in for a Heart Intuitive Reading, it is in these reading’s where magic can unfold.

With Love & Rose Blessings,