Conduit of The Rose

Just like you, I've walked many paths in this lifetime.

I recall from the early age of 3 years old communicating with the ethereal, fairy & angelic realm. I was a ballet, tap and jazz dancer. The party girl. The boozer. The fitness fanatic who spent countless hours at the gym. Corporate Executive Assistant of 10 years. The wanderer who went on a spiritual pilgrimage throughout Asia, United Kingdom, America and Thailand for close to 4 years and all of these experiences guided me to walking the way of the rose and discovering my soul purpose.

I turned 33 this year – the year of christ and what a time it is to be alive and contribute to creating a positive change to this planet!


I inspire women who are highly sensitive to use this as their greatest super power!

Change the color to match your brand or vision, add your logo, choose the perfect layout, modify menu settings, add animations, add shape dividers, increase engagement with call to action and more.

I am here to be the voice of the third wave of Feminine Christ Consciousness.

Kirsty frequently travels the Rose ley line through France, Glastonbury and Scotland to deepen her connection to these ancient rose teachings. Kirsty is dedicated to sharing the medicinal and holistic benefits of the Rose with those who wish to connect to the Earth and their wellbeing. As a seasoned Sophia Circle Leader®, Oracle of the Rose, Herbalist & Ceremonialist, Kirsty warmly invites you to connect with the rose to see how the rose will unfurl for you.

On a more personal note......

I bow to the feet of the divine daily (and sometimes it’s a simple prayer that I whisper to myself, other day’s it is literally bowing to the floor).

Because deep down…..

I feel deeply. I cry & laugh lots too. I enjoy the occasional Red Wine in reverence for lady Mary Magdalene. I enjoy yoga and taking my dog for long walks! My bloodline takes me back to Scotland & Ireland. My sensitivity and open heart continues to be my greatest teacher in this life time!

Here is a photo of me where I found an ancient fresh spring well in the heart of rosslyn. It was with this spring water I made my grail blend rose flower essence which can be found in the trinity pack.

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