The Red Rose, teaches us embodiment, she reminds us of the beauty within our femininity and teaches us the importance of taking moments through out the day or week to give back to our inner red rose muse.

One of my favourite Red Rose Rituals is Yoni Rose Steaming which is a sacred term for Vaginal Steaming. Yoni Rose Steams, are a beautiful way to welcome and connect deeper to your Sensuality, Sexuality, Womb & Vulva. Yoni Steams are great for genital, menstrual and reproductive issues also.

This ritual is an ancient holistic practice where Priestess’s would share this sacred time together, to reflect and manifest there creativity and gifts into reality.  It was known as a time to connect in truth, authenticity and honour. It is also just as powerful to do this ritual on your own, however, if you do have women in your life who you trust and feel safe with I recommend sharing this together – it can fun and so deepening for your friendship too!

This ancient ritual is sacred, so I invite you to follow the guidance below to ensure you receive the most from your first ever yoni steam! Together, we are bringing back ancient practices into our modern world.

Firstly, it is important to intuitively select the best blend of herbs for your yoni as each of us a different, Here is my favourite blend: Red Rose Petals, Red Raspberry, Chamomile, Rosemary, Calendula, Marshmallow and Licorice.

La Loba has a beautiful blends that include Rose Petals!

What you will need?
Yoni Stool / Throne however this not required as the below ritual I share the process in steaming with a toilet
A bowl (Click here to get the yoni bowl below!)
– Candles, Music, Talisman
– Fresh Red Roses
– Hot Water
Yoni Herbs


Yoni Steam Ceremony 
The easiest way to create a yoni throne is to use your toilet, however, you can also use a large bowl and place a towel around the edge (you don’t want to burn your yoni!). If you do choose to use the toilet, it is practical and more comfortable. Adorn your bathroom / toilet with candles, roses and other delights that will assist you to relax and connect you deeper to your yoni, I find gentle music is always comforting too.

1. Clean the entire toilet thoroughly
2. Place a large heat proof bowl inside the toilet, one that cover’s most of the toilet. You may place another smaller bowl inside the large bowl to direct the steam.
3. Place your herbs in the bowl and add half a cup of hot water (preferred spring water and boiled). Welcome to keep the kettle / jug of hot water close by to top up.
4. Gently sit on the toilet seat, to gradually check the heat is right for your yoni. Each of our yoni’s are unique, so the temperature will vary between each woman.
5. Wrap a towel around your hips and legs to seal the steam.
6. Close your eyes and relax for 20-30 minutes. You can top up the water if you feel like you need too.
7. You may receive inspiration, memories, guidance during this time – this is normal!

Enjoy lovely, this is such a beautiful ritual to do for yourself.


Love Your Womb Ceremony

An Online Ceremony to connect you to your womb

If you would like to connect deeper with your womb, sexuality, sensuality, I offer 1:1 Online Womb Ceremonies. Send me an email if you want to deepen your connection to your own inner Red Rose Muse.