A woman’s temple is to be entered with Respect & Reverence”. This was one of the messages Magdalene’s Yoni Cave shared with me as I sat at her entrance with my dear friend Karen Prosen, patiently waiting until she welcomed us both in.

We hiked for 1.5 hours that day to find her yoni cave and be initiated into her sacred teaching’s so it was certainly important to the both of us to honour her by waiting until we felt the presence of a “YES”.

As we waited, four men who were hiking through Massif de la Sainte-Baum, entered her without asking for consent first. So quite naturally as they rushed in, one of the men slipped, and fell all the way down into her cave.

For me the symbolism of witnessing their encounter with her cave was powerful and simultaneously a metaphor for all of us. When it comes to intimacy with another and ourselves, a woman’s temple is to be respected, revered and eventually ravished with consent. She is not be entered until she responds with her body and communicates a clear yes.

When we rush, disassociate or ignore when “she” our yoni is not ready for intimacy, we are creating disharmony with ourselves and who we are intimate with. This can show up through PMS, thrush, dryness and dis-ease in the body.

The Red Rose Medicine is directly linked to our womb consciousness, she teaches us how to connect and honour her ????

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