Have you ever been curious to learn more about The Holy Grail?

In this piece, I am going to share with you the 3 Components to the Holy Grail.


The sacred vessels of the feminine are the Cup, Cauldron & Chalice. They are all symbolic to the human psyche, which is an ever evolving container of consciousness.

Below are the three significant stages on the journey to higher consciousness through the grail which I wish to share with you.

From Birth to Adulthood, we begin to develop an identity separate from our Mother. Emptying out our Chalice to refill it back up with a new found of self. This often begins to take place through travel, moving out of our childhood home and/or creating a feeling of freedom and independence through an activity or experience that set’s our heart on fire.

Psychological & Spiritual Growth takes place after a significant event, experience or crisis strikes. This is where we are thrown into the cauldron of death + rebirth in order to move from the limited sense of self as a personality into a deeper awareness of self – the immortal and ever expansive soul. This stage guides us to remember our divinity and who we truly are.

This stage can be an ongoing process if we choose to not receive loving support from other’s who have been or experienced this stage of the grail before. It is here where we often seek for support & knowledge through Spiritual Counsellors, Healers, Therapists etc who can guide us through this stage.

Important to note that this stage can occur throughout many times in one’s life.

The grail awakens when we have cleared out our self limiting beliefs from our body and we are now really & willing to receive transcendental energies from the highest spiritual dimensions. This is where our ancient codes come back online – often through clairvoyance, medium ship, intuition, third eye, crown, heart & womb awakening. It is here where can access & cultivate our infinite potential as a multi dimensional being, it is here, where we can receive wisdom & codes from previous lifetimes to support us in this particular lifetime as well as awakening new ones!

Take a moment now to reflect which stage you are currently at.
Each stage can bloom at various times throughout our life, depending where our soul is wishing for growth and expansion.

I am curious to know which stage you are currently in?

If you wish to begin the journey of awakening your inner holy grail with me, I would love to support & connect with you!

From the ancient lands of Glastonbury, I send you all my love!